Common Name-- OSPREY 

Scientific Name--Pandion Haliatus 

Habitat--Nesting-They nest on deciduous trees or conifers near water.  They also nest on poles or cliffs. 

Location-Almost worldwide.  Migration-During winter the birds that live in North America migrate south to Chile and nothern Argentina. Many of these birds will remain in Latin America and the West Indies. Places that these birds are endangered are

Description-- Picture.



Food-- They eat mostly fish(dead of alive), but also rodents,birds, and other small vertebrates,
and crustaceans. The Osprey usually hunts by diving into the water after hovering at heights of 30 to
100 ft. It also may fly low over the water and snatch fish near the surface. It feeds its young be regurgitation
for the first 10 days; six pounds of fish daily.

Fun Facts--  The Osprey; is the only raptor that turns one of its front talons backward.