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This is the website for the Learning through Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project. CoVis is a community of thousands of students, hundreds of teachers, and dozens of researchers all working together to find new ways to think about and practice science in the classroom.

The work of the CoVis Project was completed in 1998. This research is being continued under the auspices of the Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools and a number of other research projects in the Learning Sciences Program at Northwestern. This web site now serves as an archive of CoVis materials.

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Geosciences Web Server Special pages for teachers: resources for designing and sharing projects & activities, and links to many other geosciences sites...
CoVis Software For information about software developed specifically for CoVis classrooms.
CoVis Info For the visitor who wants to learn more about the CoVis Project, including participants, sponsors, and our research.

The CoVis Project was part of the Learning Sciences Program at The School of Education & Social Policy, Northwestern University. The CoVis Project gratefully acknowledges the support of National Science Foundation Grant RED-9454729 and the Illinois State Board of Education/Eisenhower Program

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